Student Leadership

All students at St. Macartan's Parish Primary School are encouraged to show and develop leadership skills. Leadership opportunities include: daily classroom jobs, running a lunchtime club, training to be a Peer Activity Leader (PAL) or a Reading Friend, becoming a class SRC representative, being part of the school’s Sustainability Team or a Year 6 School Leader.

Student Representative Council

Each class from Foundation to Year 6 elects a class member to sit on the school SRC. Children nominate themselves and their peers vote for a representative that they feel will represent them well. The SRC meet and discuss warm and cool feedback about school and ideas for fundraising or helping others. Discussions and initiatives from SRC meetings are then fed back to their peers through class meetings that they chair.

Year 6 School Leaders

Year 6 Student Leaders have many opportunities to assist their peers, teachers and the school community. They are entrusted with various responsibilities around the school and all help to contribute to the school community in various ways.