St Macartan’s Parish Primary School is committed to educating students that they can make a difference locally and globally and to be caretakers of the earth. We have a range of outdoor learning environments that allow for diverse learning styles and encourage and enable our students to play and explore in and around the environment. Our Sustainability Centre and Kitchen Garden is a dedicated area where students can be involved in hands-on learning about animal husbandry, growing plants and vegetables, propagating plants, composting and associated scientific concepts.

Our Sustainability Centre is the main hub of activity for our Gardening Club and Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program. It consists of a kitchen, bush tucker and herb gardens, fruit orchard and citrus plantings, hothouse, garden beds, composts and animal enclosures to house our chickens, guinea pigs, rabbits, miniature pigs and worm farms. Wherever possible, materials have been reclaimed and sourced locally in order to reduce our carbon footprint.

Our school buildings and school grounds are built with sustainable practices in mind. You can learn more about our school’s features through the virtual tour on our website and through student-guided school tours onsite.

Some of our school’s features include:


St. Macartan’s Parish Primary School has won a variety of awards in the areas of sustainability since 2004. Our most recent achievements are: